Firstly, thank you for visiting our online store. We are a registered South African business (CIPC Reg. No. : 2015 / 209477 / 07). Please note that we do not have a physical store. We ship directly from our warehouse and suppliers. This cuts down our overheads and allows us to be more competitive. We do however offer free shipping across South Africa within 2-7 working days. All goods are shipped once payment is reflective in our business bank account. 

Purchase process:

1. Select the products (Contact us at any time for technical support)

2. Complete the checkout process (takes 2 minutes)

3. The system will send and automated order with banking details 

4. Make a direct bank transfer into our business bank account. (Reference: Order number, Name & Surname). Do an instant transfer if you are in a hurry. 

5. Forward proof of payment to d e v @ e n w a y . c o . z a

6. We will arrange shipping once payment reflects. Shipping takes 2 - 7 working days. 

7. Customer confirms receipt of goods

8. Customer will be asked to give us a fair online review.

We only accept only direct bank transfers (EFT). Reasons:

  • Banks and payment gateways charge approximately 2% for cash deposits and 4% for card payments.
  • The risk of counterfeit notes and the obvious safety issues to both parties.  
  • Credit card payments can be reversed due to card theft (We are not protected)
  • Fraud related to cheque payments 

How do I know that my goods will be shipped after making payment?

We value all enquiries and we understand the risks associated with shopping online. We recommend viewing our online reviews and chatting to past customers. We will not ask you to make a purchase based on trust. Trust is built over time. Sadly, due to online scams most honest online businesses suffer. Please consider the following:

  • We are a registered South African business (CIPC Reg. No. : 2015/209477/07)
  • All payments are made into our Standard Bank Business Bank account opened on 22 June 2015. Contact Standard Bank to confirm our information. 
  • Our website has been running since March 2019. We have maintained a good online rating from Google review and HelloPeter.com
  • The invoice sent to you serves as a binding contract or sale. If we fail to ship goods which have been paid for, our bank can reverse the charge once a legitimate grievance is identified. Our company registration will also be at jeopardy. 


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